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A superb client for accessing the BitTorrent site

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uTorrent Portable is a client for downloading torrents. It is a peer-to-peer filesharing protocol which allows for incredible download speeds. As a result, it negates the need for a centralized server, as the data is distributed directly to the user from others who have already downloaded the files being torrented. uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients in the world. Its status is due to its speed, easy-to-use interface, and low draw on system resources while in use.


  • Fast downloads: Via torrenting, users can expect almost double their average download speeds on almost any file, so long as enough people are hosting or "seeding" the file. Since the file is shared directly from user to user, and broken into many pieces which are downloaded simultaneously to expedite the process, users may expect lightning fast download speeds.
  • Simplicity of use: The interface in uTorrent is clear and simply organized, allowing users to customize their experience and change program preferences to suit them with ease.


  • Intrusive advertising: While uTorrent is a free program and thus supported by ad revenue, some of their advertisements tend to be a bit too specific, while some others tend to be downright inappropriate, especially for a work or office setting. Since the advertisements are hard to remove from the program itself without causing errors, this is mostly an unsolvable issue.
  • Torrenting is not always feasible: In many areas with public or widely-shared internet, such as college campuses and areas with free wi-fi, torrent traffic is often slowed down or completely blocked by the network. While torrenting is not PC-intensive, it can take up most of the data allotted to an Internet connection easily. As such is often blocked so that others can still have a normal-speed Internet connection, without being slowed down by users who are torrenting.

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