uTorrent Portable

Download and manage multiple torrent files effortlessly while on the go via a portable device

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uTorrent Portable
uTorrent Portable

uTorrent Portable is a version of the popular BitTorrent client you can run on any Windows PC with no installation required. All that you have to do is to open up the program and it will be ready to work within seconds.

uTorrent Portable has the same user interface than the standard desktop edition, so if you've used another version of this software before, you'll already be familiar with how everything looks and works. The main area shows your currently active torrents, including useful data such as how your download is progressing so far and when it's expected to be completed. You can use the buttons at the top of the window to quickly pause, stop or restart a torrent download.

Just like in the desktop edition, you get many ways to manage your downloads. uTorrent Portable lets you choose which files to download when it opens up a torrent. You can also modify this later on when the download has started. This is a very useful feature if you're working with a torrent that contains multiple files, such as songs in a music album, but you only want to download a specific one.

When you have multiple active torrents, uTorrent Portable lets you allocate different amounts of bandwidth to each and change their priority. With this feature, you can ensure that your most important downloads will finish before the other ones. Other features available include settings allowing you to choose what the program does when all downloads finish, including closing itself or shutting down your computer.

Out of all BitTorrent clients, uTorrent Portable is one of the most reliable. It rarely runs into any issues when adding, downloading or seeding torrents, so you can be confident that it'll be able to do its job each and every time you use it, even if you leave your computer unattended while the downloads proceed. The program itself is very lightweight and only takes up around 2.5 MB of space. It doesn't use up much system resources like RAM and CPU cycles either, making it a good tool to have if you want to download some torrents on an older PC.

The few drawbacks that it has aren't due to a problem with the software itself, but rather due to its nature as a portable program. As it doesn't require installation, it doesn't automatically launch itself when you open up a .torrent file or click on a magnet link in your browser. You'll have to open the files or paste in the magnet link manually by using the option to add a new torrent in its menu.


  • One of the world's most widely known BitTorrent clients.
  • Fully portable, requires no installation to run.
  • Offers various features to manage torrent downloads.
  • Lightweight, doesn't use too much system resources while running.


  • Can't be launched automatically when opening .torrent files or magnet links.

uTorrent Portable is a client for downloading torrents. It is a peer-to-peer filesharing protocol which allows for incredible download speeds. As a result, it negates the need for a centralized server, as the data is distributed directly to the user from others who have already downloaded the files being torrented. uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients in the world. Its status is due to its speed, easy-to-use interface, and low draw on system resources while in use.


  • Fast downloads: Via torrenting, users can expect almost double their average download speeds on almost any file, so long as enough people are hosting or "seeding" the file. Since the file is shared directly from user to user, and broken into many pieces which are downloaded simultaneously to expedite the process, users may expect lightning fast download speeds.
  • Simplicity of use: The interface in uTorrent is clear and simply organized, allowing users to customize their experience and change program preferences to suit them with ease.


  • Intrusive advertising: While uTorrent is a free program and thus supported by ad revenue, some of their advertisements tend to be a bit too specific, while some others tend to be downright inappropriate, especially for a work or office setting. Since the advertisements are hard to remove from the program itself without causing errors, this is mostly an unsolvable issue.
  • Torrenting is not always feasible: In many areas with public or widely-shared internet, such as college campuses and areas with free wi-fi, torrent traffic is often slowed down or completely blocked by the network. While torrenting is not PC-intensive, it can take up most of the data allotted to an Internet connection easily. As such is often blocked so that others can still have a normal-speed Internet connection, without being slowed down by users who are torrenting.

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